Asula Wellness Center

Asula offers patients a complete wellness studio designed to treat and prevent illness, unrest, and injury. We offer personalized, compassionate care, and a full-circle approach to treatment, including chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy and thai massage. Rather than simply medicating a symptom, we identify areas of weakness and create programs and specifications for lasting health and vitality. Our goal is to help you achieve balanced health by treating imbalances marked by symptoms such as physical pain and discomfort, excessive fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, weight gain, loss of sex drive, or emotional imbalance. We specialize in gentle adjustment techniques, pregnancy care, workplace/auto/bike injuries, children, and severe back pain. Asula is an in-network preferred provider and accepts most insurance programs, including health and automobile. Chiropractic care, naturopathy and/or acupuncture are typically covered under “alternative benefits” in health care plans. For specific benefit information, please contact your insurance plan directly to receive information about what services may or may not be covered.  We are happy to help you understand your coverage, and work with you and your provider to get you the treatment you need. For those without insurance coverage, we also have affordable cash pricing.

Business Details

  • 503-719-5335
  • 818 NW Marshall Street
  • Monday 8am-6:30pm
    Tuesday 8am-6:30pm
    Wednesday 8am-6:30pm
    Thursday 8am-6:30pm
    Friday 8am-6:30pm
    Saturday 9am-3pm
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