Penzey’s Spices

Each meal cooked is a gift of kindness from someone’s heart. Our years of selling spices have taught us that cooking is not a one-size-fits-all world. Far from it. We’ve learned the wonder of cooking lies in the incredible diversity of the people who cook, and in the incredible variety of the food they cook. Over the years we have come to understand that for all of our differences, for the tremendous variety of what we cook, people who cook have something in common: they care enough to make the lives of those around them better. The research shows that the kindness of cooks works. People who share dinner together at the kitchen table go on to share a brighter future. A brighter future made possible by people with the kindness to build it one meal at a time. It is this kindness we celebrate, this kindness we hope to spread, this kindness that makes all who cook ONE.

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  • 120 NW 10th Avenue, Portland OR
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