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Validated is an app that lets shops, restaurants, and other brick-and-mortar businesses cover customers’ transportation costs.

A tool to increase sales and loyalty.

Validated isn’t a discovery app, it’s a tool to boost spending and build loyalty – use it to sell more without discounting what you sell. Use it to boost both your bottom line and reputation. Compensating customers for transportation is a gracious gesture that keeps your business top of mind and keeps customers coming back.

An Omnichannel Advantage.

Validated is a mobile means of enhancing customers’ in-store experience.  As a Validated merchant, you are listed in a mobile application that consumers use when they shop and dine. As a Validated merchant, you can reach customers before they walk through your door and extend your service beyond their time in-store.

The Network Effect.

The more merchants on the platform, the more value to consumers, the more we can help drive sales – and we encourage our fellow PDBA members to tap into the network effect by joining today.

How much it costs is up to you.

  • There are zero upfront costs: it’s free to be listed in the app.
  • Pay for performance: there’s only a cost if qualifying purchase is Validated.
  • Choose your price: you decide what qualifies and how much you want to validate, and can make changes whenever you like.
  • Grow your return: the more your customers use the app to get validated with you, the bigger the upswing in sales.
  • It’s up to you how you use it.

Validated is a ready-made, individualized tool. Whether you want customers to buy more or more customers to come back, you can adapt the app to best fit your business and use it to boost spending and build loyalty. If you value your customers and want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy what they pay for, become a Validated merchant today.

Special Offer

Blue-ribbon network
All merchants on the Validated platform have a positive reputation among consumers and put a premium on both the integrity of their brand and the experience of their customers. The platform is exclusive insofar as businesses generally apply and always need to be approved.

Unique opportunity
PDBA members enjoy an expedited process and unlimited consultations to optimize return. Co-marketing opportunities are available and custom campaigns can be made upon request.

Diverse Visibility (affiliate & individual)

  • Co-marketing campaigns with national partners
  • Exclusive access to customers-in-transit: exposure and promotion to all transportation provider partner networks
  • Events
  • Press
  • Social media and cross-promotion
  • Property managers

Validated  & You

As a brick-and-mortar business, your first priority is to get customers where you are. Your second is to sell them something when they get there. Validated helps you do both, better, by making it easy and enjoyable for anyone to be your customer.