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The Hairy Lobster is the first restaurant for husband and wife team David and Mellisa Root. The food, décor, ambiance, and casual atmosphere is inspired by our love of classic British Pubs and old world cookbooks.

Dishes on the menu are meant to tap into the classic melting pot of American cuisine that has been carried down through the centuries. We care deeply about the farmers, ranchers, and fishermen behind each dish on the menu, and can be found twice weekly shopping for our produce at the Farmer’s Market.

The moniker that graces the walls is a reference to our cheeky humor. We have always considered ourselves true artisans of the craft, fully committed and passionate about this industry; but, we are careful to not lose sight of the humor that can be found in our field of cooking.

We chose the name of a crustacean, that most people consider very ugly; but if you set aside your pre-conceived notions and take the time to truly search out the beautiful hairy creature that lives deep within the Ocean, you will find a very rare and exceptionally beautiful creature … which is what we hope you will find us to be!