Sheila Walty Coaching

Create Change, LLC

Build Teams That Get Results and Reach Your Maximum Potential as a Small Business

Develop Leaders
Learn to identify leadership potential and help people build the 8 leadership competencies to ensure success. Utilize personality styles for management strategy and coach others for peak performance and maximize company profit.

Create Cohesive Teams
Create a culture in which people understand themselves as well as the members of the team. Identify the 4 workplace cultures as well as the strengths and challenges of each one. Assess your adapted culture and create the unique team-building blueprint aligned to your specific business vision.

Freedom to Create Growth
In order to build a clear vision for the future, you need to have time and energy for the things that only you can do. Create a 5-dimensional business development plan based on vision, mission, strategies, objectives, and action, so that you confidently direct your business growth as your team takes care of the details.