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Gourmet Doughnuts, Fritters, Bites & Beignets

At NOLA Doughnuts, doughnuts are our passion. We simply create the best doughnuts in Portland every day. Our dough is made fresh from only the finest ingredients and includes a layering technique commonly used in the production of croissants. This technique involves a three-day process that creates a complexity of flavor, a deep richness, and a crisp outer texture. Enjoying a NOLA doughnut is an experience to be savored.

Our dough is handcrafted over a three-day process using a layering technique commonly found in French pastry making. The result is our signature La’ssant Doughnuts with a great complexity of flavor, a deep richness, and a crisp outer texture.

All of our doughnuts are made with the La’ssant dough except our authentic New Orleans style beignets that are made-to-order. Our doughnuts are available for online ordering but beignets are only available in-store.

Robert R. Herkes, Jr., a self-taught Pastry Chef was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He brought with him the culinary stylings and culture of his hometown to his Lake Oswego café.

Come and experience the soul of New Orleans just by walking through the door. The fragrance of La’ssant doughnuts, traditional beignets, and chicory coffee along with nostalgic jazz music and décor will transport you to the historic French Quarter.