Nadeau – Furniture With a Soul™

  • Nadeau – Furniture With a Soul™

What exactly do we mean when we say Furniture with a Soul? At Nadeau, we are dedicated to enhancing our customers’ lives by consistently discovering and offering unique, handcrafted and affordable furniture that brings beauty, warmth, and a bit of authentic, ethnic culture into their homes. Furniture with a Soul also means Nadeau pieces are:

  • Never mass-produced
  • Never what you’d find at a large chain or big-box store
  • Never cookie-cutter or flavor-of-the-month
  • Never “assembly required”
  • Never boring

Founded in 1991 by Tom and Ryoko Nadeau, the company’s original mission was to not only sell exceptional home furnishings but to provide matchless value with deep product knowledge and personalized customer service at low, wholesale prices. We travel abroad extensively throughout the year to find, design and procure handcrafted, solid wood furniture with the most interesting silhouettes, functional styles, innovative finishes and materials built to last. Variety is a priority for our buyers, and it’s evident in our 6000+ different pieces, many of which are one-of-a-kind designs. Because we present a distinctive selection of ever-changing inventory, there’s no waiting the usual four, six or eight weeks for an order to arrive like you would with most other retailers – you can take your Nadeau purchases home with you the same day! Eliminating exorbitant shipping costs, along with our unique approach to supplier relationships and distribution, keeps our pieces extremely affordable.