Joachim Creten, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

  • Joachim Creten, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

We offer Rolfing® Structural Integration to Horses, Dogs and Active People.

I opened my practice in 2007 as a traditional massage studio called Terra Massage, Santa Ynez, Ca.

At the time, I offered my customers a traditional massage service with classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy and Aromatherapy that I still use today.

With time, my personal interest has started to attract clients with injuries, movement restrictions, and all the traditional problems of the neck, ankle, knees, low back pain, etc.

The results were good for a few days or weeks but did not last. Continuing my education in restrictions and pain management, I have realized that all its problems were related to a poor body posture.

Since that time, my work helps people to regain a natural body posture in relation to gravity. The results are incredible.

New clients come with new problems that I had never seen before. I added horses and dogs to my list of customers where I am applying the same principals to promote posture, performance, and flexibility.

Joachim Creten
Certified Advanced Rolfer™