Create Change, LLC

Create Change, LLC

At Create Change, we help you create change through Portland-based counseling, life coaching and business training. Create Change features Sheila Walty, a master’s level counselor who has provided counseling services for more than 25 years to individuals and couples. Create Change, provides counseling services in Portland, Oregon, for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorders. We also offer couples counseling and mediation services through Mary Cross and medication management through Milar Moore, PMHNP as needed to enhance the therapeutic process. Joan Ayala, CADC III offers alcohol and drug counseling and MacKensie Keiner assists youth and families in communication and conflict resolution.


As a trusted Portland-based counseling agency, Create Change offers specialty counseling with individuals, families, couples, and groups.   Our therapists offer counseling that incorporates multiple techniques to address the needs of our clients.


Life coaching helps people create balance in their lives while reaching for their desired goals. Coaching clients learn to create better use of time, improved physical shape, better relationships, improved health, life satisfaction and an overall sense of control and peace of mind.


Master the skills that provide the foundation of success in business relationships. Sheila believes you can create change through business training, performance coaching, counseling and workshops, and retreats.


Come to peaceful agreement on issues of importance to you. Mary Cross has 14 years of assisting people who are in conflict to identify the issues to be discussed, clarify common and disparate needs and interests, and to negotiate mutually satisfactory agreements.


Milar Moore offers Psychiatric Mental Health services as a Nurse Practitioner to those needing medication support and specializes in chronic illness, dementia, mood disorders, PTSD, ADHD,  and anxiety. She enjoys with geriatric clients and those in life transition.