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Quick and easy shopping.

Basics is a small format market, making ingredients easy to find. Convenient recipe stations provide inspiration through chef-developed recipes that are reviewed by Basics’ nutrition team to ensure maximum health benefits.

Cooking that’s fun.

We want to help people enjoy their time in the kitchen. Our nutrition and culinary mentors can answer questions and suggest ways to customize recipes and help with any dietary needs.

Fixing more than dinner.

We believe cooking is a recipe for a healthier diet with less waste and more flavor. It connects us to the people who grow our food and brings us back to the soil. It connects us to each other.

Health starts on the farm.

We’re a local grocery market with a purpose: nurturing strong, healthy communities through food. Our stores are easy to navigate and stocked with just what you need to make nourishing meals. We are farm-to-shelf with our own diaries, farms, and ranches.