A Comprehensive Guide to Engaging and Memorable Things to Do in the Beautiful State of Kentucky

Have you heard of Bluegrass State? Yup, it’s Kentucky! It is a well-deserved name. After all, it has some of the most beautiful US pastures, landscapes, rich history, and above all else culture that resonates like nowhere else. Kentucky has it all, and it’s nicely spread from the Cumberland Plateau up to the Appalachian Mountains. As laics would say, it has a little bit for everyone. The oldest of Kentucky’s bluegrass pastures hold the tales of the Civil War. If you’re in for a little bit of that Southern charm you’ve come to the right place.

Explore the Kentucky Underground

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Is there a better place to start exploring a state than way down under? When in Kentucky there isn’t. For starters, we have one of the most famous American caverns – the Louisville Mega Cavern. Can you believe that there is a zip line that goes underground? Better believe it, and it’s in Kentucky. For those who want an adventure pumped with adrenaline, this is it. While we’re underground you should also pay a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park. This is the longest system of caves in the world. Wrap it up with an exploration of Lost River cavern and you can head up to the surface.

Follow The Liquor

If there is one thing that makes this state a worldwide phenomenon it’s its Bourbon. Kentucky is famed for this beverage and you need to get acquainted with it. The best place to start is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. If you have a desire to learn how this precious liquor is made you need to explore the Maker’s Mark Distillery. The road from there will take you to Buffalo Trace Distillery, and it ends at James E. Pepper Distillery. From prohibition to wholesale of today. The entire Bourbon history is located in these three distilleries.

Kentucky Sports

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In America, sports play a vital role. We’re not going to say that Kentucky leads the race but it is up there with the best of the best in the United States. As a testimony to the sports prowess of this state, you have the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. This is the place where baseball bats are born, and where you can have one like your idols Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter. As if an homage to MLB is not enough, this state is home to one of the biggest events in horse racing that the world knows – the Kentucky Derby. If you love this sport, the Kentucky Derby Museum is a place you need to see.

History Through Sightseeing

As we said, Kentucky has a little bit for everyone. This is a country of many tales. If you want to take a stroll through history the best place to do it is in Old Louisville. Here, you’ll find dozens of Victorian-era homes, and the number is such that no other place in the world can parry it. If you want more than happy-go-lucky stories of Victorian-era houses, you need to take the next step. That’s the Newport Sin City Mobster Tour. Here you’ll learn more about real life than just architecture. If you’re fascinated with mobster stories, gamblers, and gangsters, this is the place you need to explore. To wrap it all up, the last stop on the historic tour needs to be the Historic Old Louisville Walking Tour. When in Kentucky, every building has a story to tell. For more stories than those we already listed and those that will be added below you can visit https://www.travelthefoodforthesoul.com/the-ultimate-kentucky-travel-guide/.

Enjoy The Cuisine

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There’s just something unique about that Southern cuisine. Kentucky is a living proof of that. But, don’t think that they only serve traditional dishes. This is a state where you’ll find a mixture of modern and international flavors with local tastes. If you’re a food enthusiast it is necessary to head down to Downtown Lexington. There you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the state. If you’re a fan of history and after exploring some of the landmarks we suggested above, heading to Bites of the Bluegrass Cocktails and Bites Tour needs to be on your bucket list.  Exploring Kentucky through your belly can be one of the best decisions you made in life.

Unique Attractions and Museums

One could argue that this state is one of the US states that holds a lot of its history together. This isn’t far from the truth. When you’re looking at it like an American this is hard to argue. For one, let’s take the National Corvette Museum as an example. Bowling Green celebrates American racing culture more than any other place. If you want to go a bit further into the past you need to see Noah’s Ark in Williamstown.  Last but not least your museum explorations need to be a minute or two dedicated to the National Quilt Museum.

Nature and Kentucky Outdoors

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When it comes to the natural beauty of this state, it is one of the highest rated in the United States of America. If you don’t know where to start, Red River Gorge should be the starting point for every Kentucky explorer. One of the main stops on that road needs to be the Cumberland Gap. If you’re in for more gasoline-powered exploration of the nature and outdoors of this great state you need to try out the 4WD tour. It usually covers the area of Kentucky River Palisades. Cliffs and gorges in Kentucky are like nowhere else in the world. This state is one of those that you rarely want to leave when you visit. Wrap it all up with the so-called Bourbon and Derby tour that will lead you through various activities tied to outdoor and great Kentucky cultural and historical heritage.


Visit Kentucky! That’s all we have to say. It is a place of equality and a great contrast. It is a place like you have never experienced before. The best way to explore it is the way we suggested. Start from the underground and climb your way up. Go across the caves and caverns, across the Bourbon and Victorian history through some of the most beautiful fishes and natural wonders. Bluegrass state awaits! You need to witness it in all of its glory.