Luxury Rouen Travel Guide: Where to Stay, Eat, and Shop

Traveling to Rouen needs to be packed with a little bit of luxury. It is just one of those places that simply require it. If you’re in the same mood as us, you are now ready to ask a few questions. Worry not, we have all the right answers. In this genuine travel guide, we’re going to walk you through the locations you need to visit when in Rouen, places where to stay, restaurants where you should eat, and where to go on a shopping spree. But first of all, let’s see why you should visit Rouen in the first place.

Why Rouen?


Luckily for both us and you, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit this city. Its influence on France and its history can’t be neglected. It is located on the river Seine, and as one of the biggest port cities in the region, Rouen serves as the capital of Normandy. It is only 1.5 hours away from the French capital Paris making it a great location to spend some time at if you’re visiting France in general.

Historically, Roune became prominent during the medieval times, and not only due to its architecture. This city is famous as the place where Joan of Arc was tried and burned. Today, it is one of the more religious centers of Europe with more than a dozen Gothic churches. That is why you’ll often hear people calling it the city of a hundred spires. This city is beautiful in more than one way, and by now we’re sure you’re ready to add it to your bucket list as it already can be found on the France Off The Beaten Path shortlist. Among places you ought to see when in Rouen we like to single out Rouen Cathedrale, the Tower of Joan of Arc, and The Church of St. Maclou. Now that you’ve decided to visit, let’s see where to stay.

Where to Stay?

Once you’re in the city, or if you want to book a place in advance, there are a few splendid choices you can make. We’re going to start with the most obvious one:

Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde  -This is an amazing establishment located in the heart of Rouen’s city center. It is a truly luxury hotel as one located in the heart of the city can only be. The hotel has two faces. While from the outside, before you enter it appears to be a part of the city’s old architecture, once you step foot in, you will notice that it is glamourous by all modern standards.

Radisson Blu Hotel – Another city center hotel that is ideal for a top luxury stay. What makes it a great choice for tourists that are coming to the city by train is that it’s close to the main station.  It is a modern hotel, praised for its cleanliness, brightness, and glamor. If you pick one of the rooms with a terrace it will provide you with an opportunity to have one of the best views at the famous Joan of Arc.

Logis Saint Eloi – Here, we move to a bit of unorthodox accommodation.  Logis Saint Eloi is more of a hostel than a hotel, and it looks like a house covered by timbers. The accommodation here is made out of duplex apartments that can satisfy everyone’s needs. Everything is stylish, bathed in Rouen’s history, and the only issue is if you hate walking the stairs as there are no elevators in this accommodation.

Where to Eat?


Once you’re set on where to stay, it’s time to move on to other needs you might have while visiting Rouen. One of the most important needs and questions one can have is where to eat. When in Rouen you should check out these places:

Prélude Café – When in France, you should do what the Frenchmen do. That is why Prélude Café is an ideal option for everyone visiting this city in Normandy. It is positioned on the Square of The Maiden. Here, you can find many roasted bean specialties that this establishment takes pride in. Also, it’s the place where you’ll drink the best cup of coffee in the whole of France. Their menu focuses on seasonal dishes and this is why you’ll always find fresh ingredients when eating here.

Ma Boulangerie par Christophe Cressent – You can’t visit France without trying out their authentic bakeries. Ma Boulangerie par Christophe Cressent is an exquisite artisan baker you need to check out when in Rouen. Do not think too much about it, but try out their sourdough which is made from organic milk and eggs. While in Rouen, you need to have your breakfast at this bakery.

Alba Restaurant – This restaurant is located near the Church of St-Maclou, and if you want to wine and dine in a timber house under the shade of natural greenery this is your place. Their menu, regarding food, is short and simple, but their wine card is out of this world.

Where to Shop?


This is where things get interesting in Rouen. When you’re in this city that brims with history and tradition you need to start your shopping spree at one of the local markets. Rouen has a couple of big ones scattered around the city, so if you’re a fan of fresh ingredients, you’ll have to search for them a little bit but it will be worth your time. The best option is the market on the Place du Vieux-Marché which works daily. On the other hand, if you’re looking to go on a shopping spree like in Sex & the City you’re better off trying out Centre Commercial Saint-Sever or Centre Commercial des Dock 76.

Bottom Line

Rouen, as a tourist destination, has so much to offer, in almost every imaginable destination. It offers high-end luxury stays, nice places to wine and dine, and amazing options for all kinds of shopping. It is full of historic and modern monuments that can cater to everyone’s needs. All you need to do is to book your flight or a train ride. You will not be sorry for making that decision.