Best Local Cuisine in St. John Virgin Islands: Delicious Dishes to Try On Your Trip

Traveling is a passion for many people. Yes, some don’t see the beauty of it, but it’s there; you only need to open your eyes. This is where the trick lies. In some places, eyes will not be enough. You’ll need to open your mouth too. Even if you’re one of those people who don’t like long walks, sightseeing, and exploring, traveling can still become your passion. Let us ask you a few more questions – do you enjoy food? Do you like when you find a new dish that satisfies all of your senses?

Sometimes, the place where you live doesn’t satisfy all of your needs in terms of cuisine. Traveling can sort out this issue at least for a while. If you love to travel and you like to eat nice, you can put two of your passions together in one place. When you visit the Caribbean next time you need to check out the best local cuisine in St. John Virgin Islands. If this is your plan already you can find here some of the best restaurants St. John Virgin Islands has to offer. Below you’ll find some of the most delicious dishes to try on your trip to the Caribbean when you visit the next time.

Fish & Fungi


Let’s start with the island’s national dish. This is one amazing dish. A historic one. It has its roots tied back to the age when the Danish were the colonizers of this island. It is based on the rich history of the islands and the dishes based on cornmeal and herring. Do you know what fungi are? It’s a meal prepared from a dumpling based on a mixture of cornmeal, salt water, and polenta. When you’re in St. John Virgin Islands you’ll have plenty of meat and fish filets served on the side. It is quite a simple dish, but one that makes this country proud of its origins. It is a must-try, no matter how you look at it.

Johnny Cakes


Now, this is quite a name. It sounds like a character from The Sopranos, right? But, it is also so much more. A simple dish that will make your tastes eager for more. In its essence, it is a simple dish made out of butter, sugar, and flour. A simple start, right? But, if you order Johnny Cakes while in the Caribbean you will be swiped off your feet. This dish comes your way either simply baked or fried depending on your liking. It is also a dish that covers all times of the day. In most cases, it is served as breakfast. But, it can also be a good replacement for dinner or even lunch.

Cow Heel Soup


This meal comes in different suits. Depending on the part of the island where you’re, it also carries a different name. It is also known as cow foot soup. What is it made of? Well, it is a delicious and nutritious soup made out of cows’ heels. Its origins have roots in African cuisine and it’s what makes it so amazing. It’s quite a comforting dish that is best known for its yummy layers created by the ideal usage of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and okra. Now, you shouldn’t be frightened by cow heels. It also comes with massive pieces of beef attached. Furthermore, it contains many local herbs and spices that give it its authenticity. If your stomach gets in the mood for a little bit of soup, this is the solution.

Kallaloo Soup


While we’re in the soup department let us mention the Kallaloo Soup. Judging by its name you can concur that it is yet another authentic local dish. If you start lacking vitamins while on vacation in the Caribbean this is your solution. This soup is rather yummy, full of flavor, and as our grandmothers would say it, full of health.  It is based on the usage of many green vegetables, fish meat, okra, and onions. To make it even more part of the St. John Virgin Islands it often comes paired with fungi. If you love your soups spiced you’ll love to hear that this one comes with a lot of red pepper involved.

Conch Fritters


When you say that this dish is made out of sea snails you won’t be too thrilled. But, leave prejudice on the mainland. When you’re on the Caribbean islands you need to embrace the local culture.  This dish is in pair with fish and fungi when it comes to local dish traditions. When you visit any of the best local restaurants on this island you will find this item on the menu. Conch Fritters are the main part of the local cuisine and it needs to be on your bucket list. It is a fresh dish, fishermen deliver fresh conch each day, and when fried you get this amazing dish. It is usually followed by a creamy sauce based on tomatoes.



For those who tried Pate is seen as a Caribbean response to empanadas. The recipe is rather similar. In its base, you have spiced chicken. It only gets better from there. Chicken is often paired with fish meat or simply beef. It is all well packed and sealed in a piece of pastry and deep friend. It is what gives it its gold color many people enjoy with their eyes. But, the taste is only felt once you consume it. It opens up your senses in every imaginable way.



St. John Virgin Islands and many other islands in the Caribbean are amazing for one thing – a mixture of cultures. So it’s not surprising that their cuisine is influenced by European, African, and even Indian cosines. So, having Roti as one of the main dishes in the Caribbean comes as no surprise. It comes in many varieties but in its essence, it is a dish based on wraps made out of flatbread.  It can be filled either with meat or vegetables. The mixture is allowed too. The best part is that it is equally simple, affordable, and tasty.