4 Fun Facts About La Union

La Union is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. With its white sandy beaches, accessibility, and comforting local food, many people look forward to spending their time here. Because of this, more and more people want to revisit it. Fortunately, the province has had its fair share of interesting history.

Before the province became the surfing spot we know today, it went through many events. Some of which changed the course of the province’s identity. Once you know more about the province, you learn and appreciate what the place offers.

Here are some four fun facts about La Union!


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During the Spanish era, on March 2, 1850, La Union was the 34th province founded in the Philippines since Cebu in 1565. At the time, Governor General Narciso Zaldua Claveria was the administrator. He saw the province’s potential in agriculture, religion, and geography. His vision and work eventually paid off; the town eventually prospered.

Throughout its colonization period, it was one of the more peaceful provinces. Originally composed of 12 towns, La Union grew into 576 barangays classified into 19 municipalities and one city. The city, particularly, is San Fernando, now the center of economic activity.

Elyu Charms You Can Explore

The beaches and the waves are two of Elyu’s biggest natural attractions. Elyu’s beaches are located near several corresponding beach resorts.

Acapulco Beach is the beach nearest to the city! For travelers on a budget, Acapulco Beach is for you! It is a public beach beloved by the locals. Moreover, there are affordable cottages for you to stay in, but you can bring your mat and tent – and then set them on the sand, and voila! Instant resting place, achieved! You can also hold a picnic there for your family and friends.

On the other hand, there is no other premier swimming destination in the province than Buang Beach. Resorts are also common in Buang Beach. If you check in on one of them, the view from there has a stunning view of the sea – and a peek of the mesmerizing shoreline, enhanced by the inviting waves and fine sand.

Another prominent beach is Urbiztondo Beach. For surf lovers, your best beach bet is Urbiztondo Beach! During summer, Filipino and international surfers flock here. Annually, they join a surfing festival.

If you want to learn how to surf, you can learn while in Urbiztondo Beach. Many surfing schools and surfing camps provide lessons. One is the Juan Surf School, which has some of the best surfing equipment and programs available.

Are you a fan of nightlife? Urbiztondo has your back, with several bars, cafes, resorts, and other amenities lined on the beach. Expect a lively nightlife when you come here!

These are just a few of the best beaches to visit in La Union!

Aside from Elyu’s beaches, you can also explore La Union’s hidden and underrated natural beauties. You can visit these places as part of your itinerary. One recommendation is the Pindangan Ruins. Discover the remnants of an old church from a long colonized past adorned with Christian imagery. It is also where locals place their salted fish to dry out in the sun.

Another place is the Kamay Na Bato Open Art Gallery. Filipino for “House of Stone,” the art gallery features art sculpted and carved from stone. It includes murals, sculptures, small exhibits, and paintings of local artists.

Cultural Gems

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With its rich history and culture, La Union has many tourist attractions.

Ma-Cho Temple is another place that you can explore. Ma-Cho Temple can be found on top of a hill that overlooks the West Philippine Sea.

Festivals To Participate In

As with many Philippine provinces, La Union has many festivals. These are the Sillag Festival, the Surfing Break Festival, and the Pindangan Festival.

The Sillag Festival is the ceremonial lighting of Sillag Village at night, including a lantern procession with musical performances. This festival is celebrated between the 6th and the 8th of April yearly. If you want to try a festival in the capital, visit the Pindangan Festival. Enjoy the best of Filipino street dance as the students perform in vibrant costumes.

On the other hand, the Pindangan Festival is another festival you should attend if you’re around. The festival commemorates the founding of San Fernando as a city. It is held every March 20th.

Last but not least, the Surfing Break Festival is best appreciated and enjoyed by surfing enthusiasts. Surfing has become a common pastime because the province is near the sea.

A Popular Surfing Spot in the North

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Finally, La Union’s development led to a big tourist attraction. Since the province is near the seashore, many locals enjoy the seas to surf and swim. As a result, surfing seasons became commonplace.

On the other hand, Elyu’s waves are among the best in the Philippines, with the waves in Baler a second fiddle to them. It has become a prominent location for great waves because of its proximity to Metro Manila, great right-hand point breaks – and waves perfect for beginner surfers. However, its proximity to the busy metro can be a double-edged sword; this means that it can get crowded easily.

San Juan Beach is a spot where some come with their surfboard in hand. San Juan Beach’s waves are just right for surfing newbies, as they are small but punchy. For more experienced surfers who want a challenge, you may want to try Monaliza Point, as it has the best surfing break in town.

Surfing seasons are usually between October and April. This is known as the North Swell Season. Fortunately, many San Juan La Union hotels like Awesome Hotel, Flostam and Jetsam, and others have rooms this season to enjoy the best waves. The tricky part about this is getting a room since more tourists are present during this season. You must book in advance so you have time to enjoy the waves and what the province has to offer.

Wrapping Up

La Union has a lot to offer. The province’s rich history has contributed to its rapid growth, and is now the center of economic activity. La Union has a place for everyone, from great food and magnificent waves that can accommodate surfing newbies to more experienced surfers craving challenges to wonderful people and plenty of lodgings.