February 2018 Breakfast Meeting

Please join your fellow Pearl District Business Association members for our monthly Breakfast Meeting on Wednesday, February 14th from 7:30am-9am at BridgePort BrewPub.


Each year we make New Year’s resolutions that are trendy but ridiculous or depend on overnight changes that just aren’t realistic. Success or failure is not just about setting goals; it’s more critical how you approach accomplishing those goals. Goals fail when there is not an effective execution strategy.


Wellness expert Sophia Asghar knows the science and practice of lasting change. This powerful talk will shift the way you approach your daily life and work, and help you take simple small steps to boost your performance that you can implement immediately to create lasting results.

Find out why your results aren’t determined by your actions or motivation; they arise from the mindsets that power your perception. You will discover it doesn’t take a major lifestyle makeover to create a big impact, it just takes making subtle tweaks to your mindsets, the settings in your mind that drive your day to day life. If you want this year to be different, join us to discover how small shifts can yield big results!

Raffle Prizes

Guests of the February Breakfast Meeting can enter a raffle to win one of two prizes: a $25 gift card from Bridgeport Brewpub, or a Color Genomics test kit – a $249 value that can be picked up at the Color event on 2/22/18.