Exploring Marbella’s Old Towns: A Walkthrough of Its History and Culture – 2024 Guide

Traveling and exploring European countries is definitely something you should put on your list. Getting to know new cultures, looking at the impeccable architecture, and enjoying the unique cuisine make the experience the best it can be.

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the Mediterranean, and for a reason. In addition to the excellent climate, the beautiful beaches, and the luxury that this area offers, the Andalusian region has an impeccable history and culture.

In this article, we will talk exactly about exploring Marbella, especially its old town, and everything you should do during your stay. This will help in learning more about the culture and history of this region. Keep reading and find out more.

Visit the square of orange trees

As one of Marbella’s landmarks, Orange Tree Square is certainly one of the prettier ones. Depending on when you plan on visiting, this is usually the busiest part of the old town. The square is surrounded by orange trees, where you can sit down and enjoy some street food or a couple of drinks.

The historical significance of this square comes from the fact that it was constructed immediately after the conquest of this territory by the Catholic monarchy. Because of that, the buildings that surround this monument are in the Catalan style typical of that period.

When you visit, it is important to plan the parking because that is the only problematic part. Fortunately, a few minutes from here there is an underground garage that works non-stop. Be sure to check this if you need more information.

Don’t forget about the Consistorial House

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Delighted by the beauty of Orange Tree Square, many forget about the surrounding sights. This especially matters for the Consistorial House, which is an important monument of Marbella, and it is right next to the square.

This is another landmark that marks the time of the conquest of the city by the Catholics, for which purpose a plaque with the date has been placed on the facade.

In this house, you can find the city hall and the tourism corner, which you can contact if you are interested in anything.

Roam around the streets

Wandering around the streets is the greatest way to get to know the city you are visiting. This is especially true for Marbella, where you will definitely fall in love with the tiny streets that will never tire you.

On these streets, there are numerous restaurants where you can try out the local cuisine, or simply have a drink. You will also find shops with irresistible products that make the shopping experience in Marbella special.

Finally, it is important to know that these small streets end with squares where there is no crowd and you will especially like the peace found in the depths of the old town.

Take a memorable photo at Calle Carmen

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When preparing for your trip to Marbella, you must have come across pictures of people photographed next to walls with blue pots. This landmark shows the culture of this area, as such walls are found all over the Andalusian region.

Calle Carmen is located close to Orange Tree Square, and at first, the glance is sure to enchant you. However, if you visit during the high season, it is usually very crowded. For a photo alone with the wall, you will need patience, or go early in the morning and create a memorable memory in peace.

Find the town walls

Right next to Calle Carmen, you can see the old walls that protected the city. Although now Marbella has expanded beyond the walls, they are still a historical landmark that will make you feel like you are ten centuries ago, back into the Moorish era.

Exploring these walls will definitely ignite your adventurous side and make your trip special.

Visit the Incarnation’s Main Church

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The Incarnation’s Main Church is an important landmark of Marbella that has to be visited during your stay. It represents a building in the Gothic style that originates from the seventeenth century, but because of the wars there, it had to be reconstructed.

In case you visit during the church’s working hours, you can go inside for free. Inside you’ll be greeted by an altar made of gold, as well as an organ that is meant to be the most fascinating in all of Spain. The churchyard is a beautiful square with statues, which are also surrounded by orange trees.

Enjoy the sea views along Paseo Maritimo

You haven’t been to Marbella without walking along the Paseo Maritimo pathway. Although this is outside of the old town, the promenade is no more than 15 minutes away from Orange Square.

The trail is more than seven kilometers long, and many aim to walk it all mainly for the sea and the beautiful landscape. Besides, there are numerous cafes where you can stop by for a drink, as well as restaurants with delicious cuisine.

Also, this seven-kilometer path shows you the beautiful beaches that Marbella has to offer. So, don’t hesitate to set aside some beach time and even enjoy the sunset.

Go for a nighttime drink

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After exploring the beauties of the old town of Marbella, it’s time to relax with a drink at night. There are different bars that vary from popular and crowded to hidden bars that offer a private atmosphere.

If you prefer less crowded, in the narrow streets of the old town you can find many small and comfortable bars where you will feel the true spirit of Marbella. On the other hand, if you want to go to the popular bars, you’ll surely have no trouble finding them.


With beautiful architecture and culture, as well as a rich history, it’s easy to see why Marbella is such a desirable destination. In addition to the beautiful sights, you can also enjoy the extraordinary beaches that the Mediterranean countries have.

We hope this article helped you to create a plan and make a list of things to visit during your trip to make your experience beautiful and unique.