Do You Need a Realtor to Buy a House in San Francisco, or You Can DIY

Some buyers, especially those already familiar with the house-buying process, wonder if they can close the deal without the help of an agent. After discovering their dream real estate property or house is on sale, one might be in a hurry to close the deal. Most buying paperwork and procedures are standardized, meaning the buyer is not legally required to use a realtor. Unrepresented buyers may, unfortunately, run into difficulties when attempting to buy a home without a realtor. There is a high chance that the selling agent may only work with the buyers with a real estate agent.

The realtors ensure that you have the best chance of closing the deal, and they make the entire real estate process easy. If one is looking to buy a house in San Francisco, California, then one can find reliable San Francisco realtors here at

Let’s get into details if you need a realtor to buy a house in San Francisco.

The Process Of Buying A House Without A Realtor

When you have decided to buy a house, there are several steps that you have to go through with.

Bargaining With The Real Estate Agent

The seller won’t have to pay a commission to your agent; you are the buyer; you can bargain over the listing agent’s asking price. The commission of the buyer’s agent is frequently included in the sales price even if the seller is responsible for paying it; however, if you are working without an agent, the seller may be allowed to deduct the cost from the purchase price.


Examine The Final Disclosure

One of the crucial documents in the purchase of and selling of any property is the closing disclosure. It contains details about your mortgage’s conditions and closing charges. This paper will help you compare it to the lender’s initial loan estimate. Keep track of any substantial changes to the service fees, closing costs, interest rates, etc. You should also request to deliver all the final invoices on the closing day of the deal. In this case, you will know that the seller has cleared all its bills, unpaid payments, etc.

Examine The Papers With A Professional

The paperwork involved in purchasing a home can be challenging to navigate and understand because it is a considerable investment. Here you can take the help of a professional such as an attorney or a lawyer, to check and evaluate your agreement on the closing papers. An adept attorney can guide you and get clauses added to the agreement that will safeguard your interests.

Get A Cashier’s Check, Insurance Proof, Etc

When you advance to the closing, you have to bring in a few essential items, so prepare these things in advance to avoid problems. For example, you’ll need to produce a certified or cashier’s check. Also, you have to go to your bank to obtain an official check. Additionally, you must provide evidence of homeowner’s insurance: You must provide proof that you have received a home insurance policy with a minimum one-year term as of the closing date.


Authenticate Each Document

Now at the closing date, it will take hours as you have to read and review the documents and sign them. The agreements between the mortgage lender and you are in one set, while the contracts with the seller are included in the other. Also, remember not to sign a legal instrument you don’t fully comprehend.

All these steps can be hassle-free if you have a realtor. They give you peace of mind that everything is correct and reviewed.

Reasons To Hire A Realtor In San Francisco

The first question that many first-time home purchasers have is: Is it compulsory to hire a real estate agent in California? No, you are not required to do so, and if you wish, you can represent yourself. There is no requirement under California law that real estate agents represent buyers of homes during the transaction.

In reality, some people buy a home by themselves without the help of a real estate agent. However, when you engage a realtor, you also get several significant benefits. Before choosing a home, a prospective homeowner should carefully weigh these benefits.


• You’ll discover a home more quickly if you work with a real estate agent, among other advantages. Buyer agents excel at considering their clients’ wants and needs and focusing on a certain location to discover the ideal property. This can help you save time and effort, and you will have access to a wide range of markets.

• Working with a realtor, you can see properties you might have missed if you made the purchase independently. Additionally, you can learn about houses about to hit the market, providing you an advantage over other purchasers.

• You will present a better deal. One of, if not the most crucial, of the many stages of purchasing a house is getting a sales agreement. This is where your real estate agent will be the most helpful to you. They will assist you in determining a fair offer amount. This amount makes a huge difference in closing the deal and determining whether your offer is accepted or refused.

• You won’t make contract errors. Your contract or the agreement is an essential document in your house purchase. It contains information such as the purchase price, the terms of the sale, the amount, the closing date, and more. If you have met all the requirements, it may also offer you the legal right to withdraw from the agreement. You can get assistance from a real estate agent to complete your paperwork accurately.


In summing up, the answer to the question that you need a realtor to buy a house is no, you are not required to do so, However, working with a realtor comes with several benefits, and they help you navigate the buying process easier. Before deciding whether to work with a Realtor when purchasing a home, consider the abovementioned considerations.