Dining in the Pearl Featured in Via Magazine

Via Magazine just published an article written by April Kilcrease on the dining scene ion the Pearl District:

Just north of downtown Portland, Ore., a neighborhood of former warehouses opens up to reveal a culinary hot spot.

Once home to bustling factories and rail yards, Portland’s newly hip neighborhood, the Pearl District, gained its nickname when the area’s art galleries opened in the mid-1980s. “All these crusty warehouses, they’re sort of like oysters on the outside,” says Heidi Burnette, co-owner of local Forktown Food Tours. “But on the inside there are these hidden pearls.”

Now the secret is out. French bistros, Mexican cantinas, and sushi spots dot the district’s streets like a string of culinary gems. Fortunately, this triangular neighborhood just north of downtown, on the west side of the Willamette River, can be an easy food getaway: Take the light-rail in, stay at one of several fine hotels, visit the newly remodeled Powell’s Books with its epic cookbook section, and then eat.

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