How To Choose a Coffee for Your Restaurant or Café’s Menu

Coffee. The essence of life. Is it? For some of us, it is. How many of us start our day by sipping this godly potion? Millions. Good coffee can’t be replaced by anything else. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. One could argue that it’s not the money that makes the world go round, it’s coffee. But, it’s not only about consuming it. Coffee comes a long way until it reaches our mouths. There are people there who are dedicated to delivering the best grains to us.

This article is not for you who love coffee as an end product. No, it is about helping those who want to make a living from working with coffee. This potion is often served at coffee places, restaurants, and on the go, and some of us make it at home. If you want to have success in the coffee business you need to have quality goods. This is not easy to achieve. There’s plenty of coffee going around, and not all of it is of the highest quality. So, what should you do? If you listen to our advice you’ll soon be on the level of a premium Minneapolis coffee roaster which you can find here.

There are plenty of things you can do. One of them is to continue reading this article. How is that going to help? That’s a fair question. Let us tell you how. Below, in the next few paragraphs, if you continue reading, you’ll learn how to choose a coffee for your restaurant or café’s menu. So, let us help you strive toward greatness. This is how you’ll do it.

Research The Market

Not everyone will succeed in the coffee business. It is a highly competitive domain. Your success will depend on the quality of the coffee you are serving. This is the way you need to ensure that you have grains of the biggest quality. Those will not fall to you from the sky. Due diligence is needed.


Do not rush this decision. You need to dig deep into the subject. Based upon this decision, your future success is guaranteed or there will be none. Coffee comes in the same shape but with different blends. You can find plenty of information on the internet. But the final decision needs to be made after tasting it. You can’t make a mistake here. Most high-end grains have quality. But it is a matter of taste. You shouldn’t only research the coffee, you should do the same with your customers.

Don’t think that everything ends here. You also need to check out your rivals. That’s right. Check what other coffee places or restaurants are offering. What they have going for them. Do not be afraid to copy someone, and build on that later. Coffee offers plenty of opportunities for both failure and success.

Don’t Go Overboard

As you know there are plenty of different types of coffee out there. Many of them offer excellent taste. But, you can have hundreds of types in your coffee place. That would be too much. You need to be streamlined. First of all start with selecting a few sorts of whole bulk beans. People love when you give them a choice.

What they do not like is the confusion that could arise when there are too many types of coffee to choose from. Yes, variety is fine, but keep things limited. Anything between four and eight varieties is excellent. Everything above it is just too much, both for you and your customers. So, when your research is done, and you have your focus on the few selected types of coffee, stick to your decision, and do not expand your offer until your business has grown to the heights of Starbucks.

Focus on Space and Equipment


You can have the best coffee in the world, but if you don’t have where to prepare it the right way it will be of no use. First of all, if you want to follow the guidelines we gave above you need to have a dedicated space for making coffee. Depending on your space, you’ll see how many customers you can have, and how many different breeds of coffee you should offer.

Once you have that settled, you need to think about the right equipment. These days, most coffee shops are focused on espresso-based potions. To make them the best way you can, as Italians would make it back in Naples, you need a fine espresso machine and a coffee grinder. As we already said, depending on the number of your customers and the amount of coffee you’ll be serving each day you can pass by with a smaller machine, or in case you have a developed business a bigger one is a crucial necessity.

Find the Best Supplier

Once you have everything from above settled into one bug unity, it is important to keep your coffee flow alive. We’re sure you’re not planning on traveling to Ethiopia or Brazil to get your coffee. Yes, that would be quite idealistic but that is not how the world works. What you need is a local supplier. Once you know what grains you want to serve in your restaurant or a coffee place you need to have a supplier in place to handle this part of your business. Every successful coffee place out there has more than reliable suppliers.

You need to know this much. One thing about coffee is certain, and it will always be. Once you have reliable customers, they will always come for more. You must never disappoint them. The best way to have them always on your good side is to have a supplier that can handle your demand on time and in the quantities necessary.

Be Patient


Coffee is here to stay. You have time and space to make mistakes. The one thing you mustn’t do is lose patience. Try one coffee, or two. Stop there. Erase those, and try another two. Stop there. Make a new menu and have four new flavors brought forth. All of this can be seen as a failure but it will lead you toward success. Trust us. Just be patient. Coffee is here to stay. It has been around for a millennium and it will be as much in the future. All you need is patience to hit on a perfect blend.