5 Best UK Countryside Holiday Destinations to Enjoy a Family Getaway 2024

Do you have the country of your dreams? That might be the case. All of us have. Could it be Italy or France? How about England or Scotland? Let’s talk about the UK in general. The United Kingdom is a magical place. You can argue against it, but this island has its charms. Its countryside is unique in so many ways. For family vacations, you can’t imagine a better country. Yes, Italy and France have their horses for this race, but we would put the UK above them.

If you’re on the same page as we are, then it’s settled. We are going to talk about the five best UK  countryside holiday destinations to enjoy a family getaway in 2024. You’ll see just how much the United Kingdom has to offer in this department in the next few paragraphs. It doesn’t matter if you have a small family for this getaway, or you have a big one and you’ll need houses with 6 bedrooms, you can find here everything you need. Now, let’s check out the best countryside destinations the UK has to offer. Let’s start with North Wales.

North Wales

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If landscapes are your fetish you must visit North Wales. This is the land of fairytales, like no other. If you want nature, you’ll have it. If you’re a fan of history and ancient times, you’ll find that too. How about the local culture? You won’t find a better place to get in touch with it than North Wales. Yes, we’re talking about massive territory but all of it is created as if family getaways were planned. If you want to experience the UK in 2024 and have a good time for both yourself and your family, North Wales needs to be on the top of your bucket list. Do you know what’s the main attraction here? No? Well, we’re talking about castles. Plenty of castles. Everyone loves castles. But, if history is not your thing, how about beaches? There’s plenty of that too paired with amazing resorts for entire families. If that’s not your thing too, please move to the countryside that offers an amazing look at mountain peaks and hiking trails.


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A cool name, and an even cooler destination. A place filled with years of the past. A historic monument on its own. It has everything a family could need as their resort. Beaches as many as you like. After all, we’re talking about an island. If you’re not a fan of sand, don’t worry there’s plenty to go around. Statistics say based on the experience of families that this is one of the top destinations in the domain, based on UK surveys.  But, let’s be honest, fans of history will be thrilled with this one. Did you hear about Roman ruins in this location? Time travel is possible, people. If you are not interested in ruins but in standing locations, you need to check out Carisbrooke, the most famous nearby castle.  Beyond man-made structures, you can also enjoy some of the best natural sights in the whole UK. Walking and cycling are a must if you visit the Isle of Wight.

Cumbria and the Lake District National Park

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We hope that you like the interchanging weather. While some people are not fans of rain, it is more than worth being a little bit wet when you see what Cumbria and Lake District have to offer. Nature at its best is the first thing. It is ideal for all families regardless of your children’s age. It is a place for adventures. Trust us. After all, it is the home of England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike. Furthermore, it is regarded as a World Heritage Site. It is a must-see location by all means. Ullswater also needs to be on your radar. This lake allows you to enjoy various water activities if that’s what you enjoy. The best part is that it offers a little bit for the entire family. You can’t go wrong with these locations. Even the little ones can find their corner of peace. You should take your younglings to  The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction which is a great experience for all kids.

The Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

A place like no other. You’ll hear us say this about many locations across the UK. The Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland is a place worth visiting. The coastline we’re talking about is an experience you need to have in your life. Your eyes won’t be able to comprehend one of the world’s most amazing coastlines. It is 120 miles long. It’s filled with sandy beaches and coves. Kayaking is what you need to try when visiting. Sea safaris also should be on your bucket list. You do not want to miss out on seeing dolphins. For all of you bird watchers, here you’ll find some of the most beautiful bird colonies in the world. While kids can enjoy the variety of foods and beverages here, we have high recommendations for parents. Make sure that you have a taste of the local premium product Bushmills whiskey.

Paignton, Devon

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When you visit Paignton, Devon you’ll have a feeling as if you landed in a place from the Harry Potter universe. Why do we say this? Well, it’s not because of the sandy beaches that you’ll find there. No, it is all about castles and steam trains. Now you see where we’re going with this. If you want the countryside and a holiday in one sentence this is your ideal location. Railways, beaches, and castles. What more can a family want? This is truly an ideal place for any type of family. The best part is that everything is centered around its main attractions, but there’s still plenty to see. If you’re a fan of family’s time spent on the water you can enjoy boat trips that can take you from your principal destination to places such as. Beyond that, we highly recommend that you take your entire family to Geoplay Park. Trust us, this is not a decision you are going to regret.