Decades ago, this disco-dancin’, big hair-wearin’, rock-singin’ action duo met under the Hollywood sign, tied the knot, made a family and lived life up, and upside down- just like a yoyo! Leavin’ the glitter, they headed north and found too much “success” in the corporate world – a world that did not fit these nature-lovin’, globe trottin’, music-makin’ free spirits. That’s when YOGA made it’s grand entrance to their soul-searchin’ lives; bringin’ peace, love and happiness to these suit-wearin’, briefcase-slingin’ souls.

Soon they became deep-breathin’, mat-carryin’, book-readin’ students learning from the unsung givers who showed them the way…and they felt their path unfold.  “What if?” they asked … and like a vision they knew. Off they went…100 Yoga Studios in 100 Days – from Seattle to San Diego.

Sad were they when the journey came to a close, but happy to be slingin’ a heart full of inspiration from the “best of the West” teachers and from shiny, happy yogis everywhere. “Now What?” they asked on Day 101. ”Where to?”  Armed with the schoolin’ that yoga was a hell of a lot more than just a good sweat, they knew they’d bring their “most excellent” adventure to life!

Soooo, here in the “chosen land” of Portland, Oregon they’d be openin’ their “bricks and mortar” studio and offer mind-bendin’, body stretchin’, peace providin’ yoga … to one and all.