Our network technology was originally created for big corporations, universities and medical centers – the kinds of places that won’t settle for “either / or.” And now condo and apartment buildings can provide that same quality to their residents.

“CondoInternet” is a residential internet service offering customers in multi-family properties, the same superior quality internet service as what we were offering the best companies in the world. We’ve invested in a knowledgeable local service team to support the business, and we’re committed to serving our customers – whether building owners or residents – with a professionalism that is rare in the industry.

Now called Wave G, we’ve continued to expand our network to address the demand for high-speed, carrier-class internet service to customers throughout the West Coast. We expect Gigabit-quality service to be the future standard and thanks to the reliability of our network, designed and built from the ground up by our engineers, we’re prepared to provide it.