Townsquared – the online network designed for local businesses.

Connect with other businesses in your area and receive instant notifications from your community around topics like: crime & safety, neighborhood updates, and expert resources.

Why Townsquared?

Running a small business means we’re really, really busy wearing a lot of different hats. We don’t always have time to connect with other local business owners the way we’d like—whether it’s to create a marketing partnership or just ask a question.

Community made easy

Townsquared is technology for small businesses built from the bottom up. We asked our own small business neighbors what would really make reaching their goals easier. Voilà Townsquared—the only online community where verified small business owners and staff share advice and resources. Neighborhood communities are small and private, comprised exclusively of businesses that operate near one another. And it’s free. Businesses talk about everything from small business loans, accounting, and insurance, to city permits, technology and working with local legislators. We’ve seen that when businesses get together on Townsquared, they strengthen themselves as well as their local communities.

Did we mention it’s free? (And always will be.)