People decide to purchase the home they connect with. At Summa, we know the journey is all about finding the right fit. That’s why we take the time to match you with a local expert who understands your vision and desired lifestyle, whether buying or selling. With cutting edge marketing technology, we create connections and help you realize your dreams. Traditionally, agents manage their transactions from A to Z. To deliver the best possible service for our clients, we empower our brokers with the best systems, processes, and technology to support the most important part of the equation…you.

Summa Realty was founded in 2009 to create a business model that allows agents to focus on what they got licensed to do –  building their business and their relationships with their clients.When you join Summa, you’ll no longer have to worry about the tedious aspects of being a real estate agent such as marketing, transaction paperwork, training, and prospecting. With Summa’s tools and support systems, our agents are better equipped to handle their everyday business more efficiently and focus on what makes them successful.