Newer to the Pearl District of Portland, and newer all-around.

Sabina’s Style has amazing items from all over the world that can be suited for most occasions. You will find that we can work together to find styles and colors to bring out your very best. Please challenge us to outfit you for a particular event…you’ll be glad you did. We aspire to offer unique lines with honesty.  We’ll be happy to offer some ideas of how a particular dress may suit you. As you step into the store, you can see that we have searched to find unique designs from great designers from across the globe. An important aspect of our vision is that we are committed to offering stylish options for women within any budget, so just because the place has an upscale feel, don’t be intimidated.

“I love to help people and see fashion as my chance.” – Sabina

The design of the store and the selection of clothing and accessories are all influenced by Sabina’s experiences throughout a life with countless mesmerizing stories. She has lived on three different continents before her most recent migration from the New York area to Oregon.