High Performance Corporate Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a time-tested, evidence-based practice that:

  • Drives Performance
  • Appeals to Millennials Demanding Cultural Compatibility
  • Enhances Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)
  • Reduces Stress….thus, Absence
  • Limits Distraction
  • Combats ADHD and Depression!

Mindfulness gives forward-thinking companies an edge. Routinely practiced at thriving companies, mindfulness meditation is proving to make successful companies even more attractive to a demanding workforce. Mindfulness is becoming more and more mainstream giving companies an edge over the competition due to happier, more well-rounded employees who aspire to thrive not just survive in today’s markets.  Google is doing it, Facebook, Nike, Instagram, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Mayo Clinic, Ford Motor Company, Aetna, Avon, and more.  There’s no question mindfulness is here to stay. Simple, cost effective and it works – it’s a no-brainer!