OM3 BODY is a business specializing in the Art of Personalized Health Care and the personal office of Dr. Maria McNash, Holistic Chiropractor. At OM3 BODY, you are seen as a Whole person and are reminded of your Wholeness… Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is in seeing you, in your Wholeness, that health is restored and alignment is achieved.

Located in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon OM3 BODY offers excellence in holistic chiropractic and manual medicine. OM3 BODY treats people from all different walks of life with diverse treatment goals, injuries, or complaints by restoring health and well-being through natural, hands-on therapies as well as nutritional and herbal support.

Prior to her chiropractic training, Dr. Maria McNash practiced massage therapy for 8 years. Her specialization is in muscular therapies (soft tissue massage, trigger point release, myo-fascial release, graston therapy, and cupping). Dr. McNash especially enjoys treating the musculature of the internal and external TMJ, the internal and external pelvis, and the shoulder girdle.