Your appearance matters – not just in the impression you make on others, but on your own feelings of comfort and self-confidence. When you wear the right colors for your unique skin tones, hair and eye color, your natural beauty shines and you project authenticity and credibility.

A custom color palette in today’s sophisticated hues is a lifetime investment in looking great, with ease. Some of the benefits of a 2-1/2 hour ColorStyle consultation:

  • Shopping is much simpler and less stressful – you are no longer tempted by garments in the wrong colors. Your shopping fan makes is easy to choose just the right shades.
  • Everything in your closet works with everything else, so you can simplify your wardrobe. No more unworn orphans ($$ down the drain).
  • You understand what each color in your palette communicates, and how to use it to convey your intentions.
  • No more unflattering makeup or hair color mistakes. If you’re considering going gray, we can make you look better than you ever imagined.
  • You understand how to translate your “color season” into appropriate styes.*
  • You understand how to use color and line to direct people’s attention to minimize any body flaws.

* If you had your colors done online or did Color Me Beautiful way back when, you may know about seasonal color harmonies. The ColorStyle system is a totally custom collaborative process based on seasonal harmonies, but very much more sophisticated. Our fabrics come from a color lab in California with 20,000 gorgeous contemporary hues. Lots more info on my website. I also work with men. I welcome your calls and questions.