B-line is the missing link in the infrastructure of a sustainable city. Solving the challenges of the “last mile” of a distribution network, B-line delivers on the promise that business can be a catalyst for social and environmental change. B-Line offers unique advertising and promotional opportunities for companies looking to align their advertising efforts with their core values. Eye-catching, mobile advertising space is available on the sides of our cargo box panels and our fleet of nimble trikes and friendly drivers are ready to go where the crowds are at a moment’s notice to promote your products or events.

B-Line specializes in sustainable delivery to the urban core. We partner with businesses large and small to take care of their downtown and close-in delivery needs so that they don’t have to deal with the challenges of conventional trucks and vans. This, in turn, creates a more sustainable, livable community for all.

B-Line is a certified B-Corp, a benefit corporation using business as a force for good. To date, there are 1,996 B Corporations in 50 countries, across 130 industries. Ask us about how to become part of this powerful business network!

Special offer

2017 OFFER: 25% off an advertising campaign with B-line through Valentine's Day - email carrie.hearne@b-linepdx.com for more!