The PDBA is pleased to announce the second annual Pearl District Business Awards. Nominations for outstanding businesses in the Pearl are now CLOSED. Simply read the requirements for each category below and then vote using the linked form. Join your fellow Pearl businesses in honoring the best of the best with this not-to-miss event! The awards luncheon takes place at the Benson Hotel on Monday, November 14th. Reservation and event details for the luncheon will be coming soon.

You can read a great recap of last year’s awards with a complete list of the winners at the Pearl Magazine.


Eligibility and evaluation criteria for each award

Individuals and Businesses can only be nominated for one award category and must be located in the Pearl District.

The Awards

Business Person of the Year: Key Note Speaker 2016

Any individual who owns and operates an established, business. Reasons for nominations could include:  growth in number of employees, increased expansion, steady growth in net worth, increase in sales, innovativeness of product or service offered, response to adversity or contributions to the community.

Family-owned Business of the Year

This award honors a family-owned and operated business which has been passed on from one generation to another. The owner must also serve as a majority owner, operator or bear principal responsibility for operating a business in the Pearl.

Youth Entrepreneur of the Year (must be under 40 years of age)

To be considered a young entrepreneur, the individual must serve as a majority owner and operate or bear principle responsibility for operating a business with a three year track record, and who will not have reached the age of 40 by November 2, 2016.

Business Champions Awards

Financial Services Champion of the Year

Individuals who assist businesses through advocacy efforts to increase the usefulness and availability of accounting or financial services may be nominated. Nominees may or may not be business owners.

Minority Business Champion of the Year

Individuals who have fulfilled a commitment to support minority entrepreneurship may be nominated.  Nominees may or may not be business owners.

Veteran Business Champion of the Year

Individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing business opportunities for veterans of the U.S. armed forces may be nominated. Nominees may or may not be veterans.

Women in Business Champion of the Year

Individuals who have fulfilled a commitment to the advancement of women’s business ownership may be nominated. Nominees may or may not be business owners. Reasons for nominations could include:  active support for legislative or regulatory action designed to help businesses, efforts to increase business and financial opportunities for women, legal financial or managerial assistance provided to enhance women’s business ownership, volunteer efforts to strengthen the role of women business owners within the community, advocacy of the women-owned business community as a whole, not solely for individual personal advancement or other accomplishments demonstrating effectiveness in improving the environment for the creation and expansion of business owned and operated by women.

Technology Business Champion of the Year

This award honors a business that has contributed significantly to technology by products or services offered to the community.

Retailer of the Year Awards

Nominations for these awards are open to independent retailers. Nominations may not be for a retail chain or franchise. The intent is to recognize the entrepreneurial efforts of independent business owners who have toiled to build their business with personal capital, innovation and effort and without the benefit of national advertising, home office support or other “big box” benefits.

Emerging Retailer of the Year

This award is open to any retail business in the Pearl District that has:

  • Been in business for three years or less
  • Describes the market served and creative communications to its customers
  • Provides clear goals for the future (Example: increased revenue, jobs created, franchising)

Retailer of the Year: Retail Merchant

This award will recognize the retailer who has had an exceptional year.  This retailer will have demonstrated innovation through its product/retail location and have a proven high customer acceptance.

Retailer of the Year: Restaurant

This award will recognize that restaurant that has a proven ability to deliver what the customer wants and maintains high customer satisfaction with their food.  It is an establishment that has proven themselves through diverse or creative menus, excellent customer service and the ability to respond to the ever changing expectations of the customer.

Retailer of the Year: Service Provider

Any establishment that sells a service rather than a product, such as banks, brokerages, financial services, hair salons, spas, business service centers, travel agencies, and generally speaking, telecommunications retailers.

Community Ambassador Award

The Community Ambassador Award is given to an individual or individuals who go above and beyond in their community. This individual is a role model for others, showing the best of bringing individuals, organizations and/or businesses together.

Friend of the Pearl Award

The Friend of the Pearl Award is given to an individual or company who has an active Friend of the Pearl membership and goes above and beyond in promoting the Pearl and is an active member of the community.

Real Estate of the Year Awards

Developer of the Year

This award is given to one developer who best exemplifies leadership and innovation in the commercial real estate market. The following criteria is used to evaluate entries:

  1. Outstanding quality of projects and services: size, quality and sustainability of portfolio
  2. Financial consistency and stability: strategies for economic sustainability and success
  3. Ability to adapt to market conditions: including economic, demographic and environmental conditions
  4. Support of the local community: charitable and philanthropic activities within your market

Real Estate Sales Person of the Year

This award is given to one salesperson who has shown sound moral character, high ethical professional behavior, excellent leadership, and has provided exemplary service to clients. Evaluation will be based on the history of past production and personal initiative, including listing activities and selling activities in his or her local board.

Property Manager of the Year

This award is for one manager who has exemplary personal conduct and adherence to the property management Code of Ethics, strong personal achievements in the profession, pursuit of personal improvement and education, involvement in and support of other property management-related associations and significant interest in and contributions to community and civic activities.