You’re not blah and boring, and your website shouldn’t be either! If your pages need a mini-makeover, then this is your jam. Jen from Much will show you exactly what content your website needs to turn from drab to delicious in less than 2 hours! Learn the tippy-top 10 things that your website needs to attract more clients and sell more stuff.
You’ll leave knowing:
  • the biggest secret to making your website powerfully alluring without feeling pushy or salesy
  • three big ways to make your pages so compelling that the clients you dream of working with won’t be able to peel their eyes away
  • the system to figure out what words will get your customers flipped out for your products and services
  • the one and only thing you should have on each page if you want to drastically increase your conversions (and your bank account!)
Jennifer Price is a Fantasy Copywriter in Portland OR who helps visionary businesses and entrepreneurs sell more online. “Fantasy” is her specialty because she writes the sales copy for your website, landing pages, and emails that speak directly to your customers’ underlying desires. With almost 20 years of advertising and sales experience, Jennifer writes strategic and persuasive messages that inspire your readers to feel something and take action. She also writes poetry, eats #ChocolateForBreakfast, and dances every chance she gets – including performing with The Soul, a Portland area dance group. You can find her online at

Guest tickets are $47, available at or at the door (space permitting).

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