Living in the moment, grounded, integrated, and embodied in our highest, most authentic self … sounds awesome, huh? Learn how….

This session is designed to help you gain an understanding of your nervous system, how you hold, and feel stress, and give you some practical, in-the-moment tools to
independently down-regulate your system, and build resiliency. Being able to relax, and stabilize your nervous system, and become more resilient is the key to being

When we are present we feel balanced, energized, connected, and engaged with ourselves and the world around us. There is a clarity in the rightness of being. We feel at peace, harmonious in our environment, not worried about the future or wrapped up in the past. We sense the wholeness of our being, and yet have a deep knowing we are an integral part of something bigger.

Living from this place of present energy, there is an expansive quality to our being, and we are able to give, and receive freely. We are empowered to move through the world from a place of gratefulness, feeling abundance, and radiating this powerful, positive, connected, healing energy outwardly, paying it forward to the world around us. Being in the present moment changes our experience, and will positively impact the experience of everyone we come into contact with.

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Megan Moseley has been in the healing arts for 25 years. Her interest in the body and healing began at the young age of 12, and she pursued Physical Therapy as a career. In 1995, she started my own practice, Bodywise Physical Therapy, which gave her the opportunity to follow my heart and my ethics to develop a unique and ever-evolving approach to helping clients heal physical pain and trauma. More at

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