The Wacom Experience Center is excited to open its doors for this unique event.

Join us on June 28th to learn about the creative workflow of beer label creation with local artist Kyle Shold.

Kyle will walk us through the process from conception to creation for the series of labels he created for the Tacoma-based brewery, Dystopian State Brewing. Beer samples provided by the crew at Dystopian State Brewing

About the Artist

Kyle Shold is a twenty-year creative professional and the mastermind behind Freshwater Bay Creative. He has worked in everything from video games to editorial design to trade show promotion to comic books and most recently, craft beer illustration and design.

His motto is “strength through art”, which isn’t just a tagline but his promise to his clients. Kyle believes that art brings an elevated purpose to everything it touches. For him, “Freshwater Bay is about creating exciting art that breathes life into your idea, your vision, your brand. It’s not only about making your product look good. It’s about telling a story and making your brand explode onto the scene.

Fees : $0