Basic Space Gallery‘s First Featured Exhibition titled, Illusions of Separateness by Liz McDonald.
*Exclusive new work, never seen before*

Show Dates: April 4th – April 29th

Other artists showing: Christopher Roberts, Kenneth Saylor, Erin Cadena, Karen Cruikshank, Alison Eriksen, Jo Grishman, Dan Pillers, Edyta Salak, Kelly Williams, and jeweler Laura Black.
“Who am I? We all ask ourselves that question at some point. We are all made up of layers and layers of experiences, emotions, reactions, feelings – negative and positive – that combine to define us. My expressionistic figurative paintings act more as a prompt than a narrative, but there is a story and I hope each one will strike a chord with a viewer. It could be a remembered situation of being cut off or joined with others, a connection or a disjoint at a particular moment. Things are in flux and change constantly. Fleeting moments may or may not be significant in future situations but they sometimes leave an imprint, an impression that stays with you.
My paintings reflect my thoughts about relationships. I’m interested in connections and disconnections, focusing on the contradictions and complexities of being human. I’m interested particularly in family ties, friendships, community, belonging, isolation, solitude, ambivalence and the myriad emotions that affect our actions. Gesture is my language and viewers can interpret the images through their own experiences and feelings. My paintings are deliberately ambiguous but are all about relationships – with others and with ourselves.”