Taking in an evening of Greek tragedy probably doesn’t rank highly among most people’s casual weekend plans. Yet numerous forms of performance, storytelling, and poetry find their foundation in the theatre of the ancient Greeks. Their stories of divine wonder and human woe are ingrained in our cultural lore and have engaged other artists for millennia.

Luis Alfaro’s Mojada is a new version of Euripides’ Medea set in present-day Los Angeles. The play both harnesses and confounds the codified “rules” of Greek dramatic structure to tell a story of immigrants facing perilous choices. This community artist lab, led by dramaturg and PCS Literary Manager Benjamin Fainstein, will engage participants in a discussion of the salient characteristics of ancient Greek drama and how Alfaro used them to make Mojada resonate for our time.

No experience necessary, but advanced reading required.

Registration online: $15 

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Fees : 15.00