WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21st | 6:00 pm. – 8:30pm

Location: SITTE modern 110 NW 9th Ave. PDX 97209

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Are you a DIY type? Have you always wanted to have beautiful interiors like you see in the magazines? Some decorative trends that help transform an interior space focus on accent walls with wallpaper and textured finishes. Some of the best are hand painted walls designed to look like wallpaper, marble, wood or an antiqued historical peeled paint look. Now is your chance to learn how to paint your own interior walls with style, like a pro.

Portland artist, Sean Casey currently works as a scenic artist, muralist, sign painter, and illustrator. His portfolio includes working on movie sets such as “Wild” and “Green Room”. TV productions include “Leverage,” “The Librarians,” and “Grimm” as well as theatrical and commercial productions for the Portland Opera, Amazon, Nike, Adidas, and others. To learn more about his work visit his website HERE.

In this workshop, we will have a brief introduction to Sean Casey and his work, with an educational breakdown on techniques used for scenic painting. He will discuss paints, types of brushes and tools used. Easels will be set up for practicing faux painting of wood graining, marble and rock and distressed concrete. This will be a fun, social and relaxed workshop. Bring your friends, learn how to paint and let’s have fun! Supplies will be provided for hands-on learning.

If you would like to paint on your favorite small item, like wooden coasters, or thin board, please feel free to bring them in.

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Fees : $65