FashioNXT is a fashion week in the most contemporary sense, showcasing “what’s next in fashion,” recognized by Portland Mayor as the official fashion week of Portland.  Annually, on the second week of October,  FashioNXT week premiers the next season’s collections of extraordinary designers  on runway production that TIME Magazine ranks as #1 in the US outside NYFW.

What’s next in fashion is fashion-technology — wearables and 3D printed fashion, as well as the novel ways technology enables people to experience fashion. FashioNXT presents an innovative fashion experience in Portland, a city recognized globally for its “cool”.

In 2017 FashioNXT week, designers from all over the US and the world — as far as from Dubai, and as close as from Seattle, will join the most exciting designers from Portland. Project Runway winners and Allstars will draw the eyes of the industry with their avant-garde creation. Inspired by Japanese sensibility, on his runway Seth Aaron will launch the world’s first ready to wear designers collections of 3D printed shoes.

One of the most anticipating programs will continue to be the runway finale of UpNXT emerging designers accelerator as FashioNXT brings the industry experts to develop next generation of talents. The UpNXT Allstars shows will bring attention to the success-stories of the program, the only such initiative in the region.

Bespoke bridal has always been the most intimate way consumers engage with independent designers. Two of the most exciting bridal couture designers from Portland and Seattle, will premier their new designs. But the most unique thing of 2017 FashioNXT program is, this is the first year there will be at least one men’s designer on every night’s lineup. Keep a close eye on the amazing accessories brands both on the runway, and at the Plaza exhibits.

Enjoy your experience of what’s next.

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Here’s the show schedule:
Wed, Oct 11
Sunny Kay Designs, Bridal Couture, Seattle

Vouture, Bridal Couture, Portland

2017 UpNXT: Emerging Designers Accelerator Runway Finale

Sundari Franklin, Women’s Couture, Portland
Oscar Dominick, Men’s & Women’s, Portland
Heidi Brown, Women’s RTW, Portland
Lou Flowers, Women’s RTW, Portland
James Hunt, Men’s Athlesiure, Portland

2017 Accessories Competition: Finalistis Display & Winner Announcement
Thu, Oct 12
Runway Show Designers
Myriam Marcela, 2014 UpNXT Winner, Women’s RTW, Portland
MOORE Custom Goods, 2016 UpNXT Winner, Men’s & Women’s RTW, Portland
LOURDES é EVA, UpNXT All Star, Women’s RTW, Portland
Colty, Portland
Smoke & Rose, Women’s RTW, Los Angeles
Limbs Apparel, Women’s RTW, Portland
Fri, Oct 13
Michelle Lesniak, Women’s RTW, Portland

MXN Fashion, Women’s RTW, Seattle
TR Brown, Women’s RTW, Kansas City
Gustavo Apiti Couture, Men’s & Women’s Couture, Seattle
Seth Aaron,  Women’s Couture, Portland

Sat, Oct 14

Julie Danforth, Women’s Couture,  Seattle
Brittany Allan,  Women’s Couture, Austin
Designs by Thor, Men’s & Women’s RTW, Portland

ITCHEL, Women’s Couture, New Orleans
KARA, Couture, Dubai

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