Cursives is an exploration of various traditional techniques of ornamented and magical writing, transformed by artist Coleman Stevenson into visual experiences. In these new works, she experiments with the shape of language, allowing the layered text to become an image, a method that both obscures and manifests. Part picture, part poem, part spell, the resulting weavings of text are meant to open portals into other places, involving viewers in a discussion about desire, thoughts, communication, and will.

Artist Bio

Coleman Stevenson is the author of two collections of poems, Breakfast (Reprobate/GobQ Books, 2015) and The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609 (bedouin books, 2012), and The Dark Exact Tarot Guide (2017). Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in a variety of publications such as The Portable Boog Reader, Gramma, Paper Darts, Seattle Review, E-ratio, Osiris, Louisiana Literature, Mid-American Review,, and the anthology Motionless from the Iron Bridge. She has been a guest curator for various gallery spaces in the Portland, Oregon, area, and has also taught poetry, design theory, and cultural studies at a number of different institutions there including Portland State University, Mountain Writers Center, The Art Institute of Portland, and Columbia River Correctional Institution. She created the Image+Text track in the Certificate Program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center where she has taught since 2015. She creates tarot cards and other divination tools through her business, The Dark Exact. A collaborative text and image project, The Doppelgänger Museum, with artist Aspen Farer is ongoing.