Annie Meyer is pleased to announce that Portland artist Carolyn Cole has joined Annie Meyer Gallery.

Please join us Wednesday, July 5th, and Thursday, July 6th for evening receptions as we welcome Carolyn to the gallery.

As an artist with work shown in five galleries nationwide, Cole’s paintings are regarded by peers and collectors alike as a quintessential example of providing access to abstract and contemporary art. Seasoned and novice collectors appreciate Cole’s versatile, vibrant paintings.

Cole is recognized for application of color and her distinctive artistic process of incorporating multiple layers of acrylic paint, pencil, charcoal and collaged papers. One signature trait includes use of handwritten letters, pages from old books, and recycled envelopes; these become collage elements for texture beneath painted surfaces.

Cole states, “I love to create surfaces that are visually intriguing and mysterious, with expressive colors and shapes. By building layers of paint and collage, the paintings become infused with a cultural history, at the same time allowing the viewer to create their own personal history.